Flying Angel Campaign Sustaining Crew Welfare Fund

30th October 2020

We take a moment to celebrate and then move forward

The Mission to Seafarers Flying Angel Campaign, launched in June 2020, has been enormously successful, raising £630K. This successful campaign is a testament both to widespread empathy with heroic seafarers in these very difficult times and to the value placed on the Mission’s role in seafarer welfare. We are immensely grateful to all those who have contributed to this magnificent total. A full list of key donors appears on our website here.

We are currently using the Flying Angel Campaign funds for the designated urgent projects. The Digital Chaplaincy continues to respond to the needs of seafarers and their families. The Happy at Sea app is now under development, and Mifi units have been vital in providing the means for seafarers to contact home.

The Mission faces challenges in raising money from its traditional sources during 2021. Individual donations, events, church, and community fundraising have all been affected during 2020, leading to uncertainty of income recovery for 2021 and 2022. The Mission has committed to using its reserves to maintain and support essential services, but this is not enough.

The industry has already shown its generosity of the Flying Angel Campaign, so that we could respond to the urgent issues as a result of COVID-19.  We ask you now, under the Flying Angel Campaign Sustaining Crew Welfare Fund, to help us to continue to respond to seafarers changing needs into 2021 and beyond.

We know how much the industry values seafarers and respects the unique role the Mission plays in seafarers’ welfare. We invite you to join us.

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