Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday 11th July 2021

The second Sunday in July, is when we come together across the globe to celebrate the role seafarers play in our daily lives. To thank them for the hardships they face and the sacrifices they have been forced to endure due to the Covid lockdowns. You can join with your church, community group, school or individually. See some of the different ways that you can help seafarers here.

From London to Lagos and Manila to Melbourne, our community gathers together to give something back to these essential workers who spend months away from their families in often difficult conditions to help keep our global economy afloat.

Sea Sunday can also be celebrated any day of the year to suit your church. You can view our first ever global Sea Sunday 2020 service here, and hear stories about our important work.

If you would like more information on our Sea Sunday 2021 service, then please register here. If you have any questions or would like to send in a ‘thank you’ video then please contact

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Let the World know!

If you are joining us for the service, arranging your own or have arranged a fundraising activity for seafarers then please make sure that you get involved with our online community by posting online. Use #SeaSunday to let seafarers know that you support them. Contact us if you want to have your own Flying Angel flag to display in your pictures.

You can tweet us or share images to show how you are celebrating Sea Sunday by getting in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Don’t forget that you can also contact us on Twitter via @FlyingAngelNews; just remember to include the hashtag #SeaSunday.

Contact Our Team

If you would like some more information about Sea Sunday 2021 or would like some assistance arranging a fundraising activity for seafarers, then please contact Johnny Dowling at

We will be delighted to offer help and guidance as we aim to make Sea Sunday bigger and better each year.

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