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To ensure we are equipped to support seafarers as we emerge into a changing world, we have launched our flagship Flying Angel Campaign as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since its launch in June 2020, the campaign which is focused on building the resource-base we need to respond to seafarer need has amassed incredible support from the industry. This page acknowledges all of the dedicated sponsors to whom we are very grateful.

On behalf of the seafarers and their families who rely so much on the services we provide, we would like to offer our very grateful thanks to all the donors listed below who have responded so positively to our Flying Angel Campaign. The funds we have raised in such a short time have been vital in making it possible for us to respond to the current level of acute need amongst seafarers and their families and to sustaining our services in these very challenging times. We also thank Esben Poulsson for the significant role he has played in this Campaign.

- Revd Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General


Our other supporters include:

Vickers Oils – Global Champions Unite donors – Ince & Co CT – WhatweWant Crowdfunder – Medway Mission – Guy Platten – Intership – Sea Asia Claims Solutions – Intercargo – Kitack Lim – Miller Insurance – Taylor – Tamar – Thalassa Niki Pte.Ltd – PTC

“Since the start of this pandemic, people’s lives and routines around the world have been turned upside down. But for the seafarers, their fundamental reality has become distorted indefinitely;

Today, whenever a seafarer commits to joining a vessel, he has quietly accepted the fact that he does not know when he will come home. National lockdowns, limited flights, and unreasonable medical verification demands have made it all but impossible for efficient embarkation/disembarkation of seafarers.

Our lives on shore have maintained a semblance of normalcy throughout this pandemic: supermarket shelves are still stocked with ripened fruits and vegetables, residential lights and air conditioning stay on through the peak of the summer heat, gas stations still have the expected grades of diesel and unleaded gasoline, the promise of a vaccine remains hot in the news.

But at what expense? We have taken for granted that the luxury of consumer choice, of utilities power, of fuel for our automobiles, of raw chemicals for the potential mass manufacturing of medicines, has only been made possible because of the labour of seafarers in charge of transporting seven billion metric tons of cargo (raw and finished goods) around the world safely every year.

What we owe these seafarers isn’t just our gratitude and respect, but our acknowledgement that without their dedication and sacrifice, our lives would have no chance of ever going back to normal.

This lack of awareness and visible support for seafarers is perhaps the greatest silent disaster of this global pandemic.

TCC is supporting The Mission to Seafarers because we recognise the important work they do, particularly during this unsettling time. Our donation to the Flying Angel Campaign, Safe Seafarers’ Centres Fund will enable MtS to provide a safe sanctuary for all seafarers.”
– Edward Koo

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