WeCare is an exciting new initiative designed to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for seafarers across the world.

The maritime sector offers huge opportunities to seafarers and is an exciting and rewarding career. Positive mental health and wellbeing is essential to every seafarer and their crew as it creates confidence, motivation, team work and safety onboard. At times however situations onboard and onshore can be physically and emotionally demanding. This can lead seafarers feeling overwhelmed and susceptible to feelings of anxiety, depression and in the worst cases suicide. At the Mission to Seafarers we provide welfare services to ensure seafarers and thier families are able to prosper. This is why, with the help of the UK P&I Club, we have launched WeCare. Together we will safeguard our seafarers mental health through exploring root causes to poor mental health and promoting coping strategies to empower action!

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To succeed WeCare not only supports seafarers, we support their foundations – family, friends and loved ones. WeCare wellbeing courses are available to the families, friends and loved ones of seafarers through our Family Support Networks in the Philippines. We can also provide bespoke family sessions upon request. Providing mental health and welfare support to both seafarers and their loved ones builds trust and understanding between them. Our WeCare programme is designed to help seafarers and their families navigate some of the challenges they may experience and feel empowered.

The WeCare programme currently delivers two wellbeing courses:

  • Social Communication – Exploring links between social media, long-distance relations and our mental health and wellbeing. This course enables seafarers and their families to understand how social media and long distance relationships affect their mental health. It promotes coping strategies to apply on both sides of a relationship to champion positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Financial Wellbeing – Exploring links between money, relationships and our mental health and wellbeing. This course empowers seafarers and their families to manage their mental health through applying financial coping strategies such as budgeting, saving and risk assessments.

Each course is offered through three formats:

  1. Workshop: A one-day, four module course delivered by two WeCare trainers. Participants receive a WeCare workbook and certificate upon completion.
  2. Seminar: A 90 minute seminar delivered by one WeCare trainer. This is designed for ship managment and Officer fleet training. The course focuses on key information for promoting positive mental health, identifying risk, and supporting crew onboard. Participants receive a WeCare workbook and certificate upon completion.
  3. Training for Trainers (T4T): Two day course designed for experienced ship management/ crew trainers. Delivered by two WeCare trainers. Over two days participants learn how to deliver the specific course through presentations, lesson-planning and mock exercises. The final day includes monitoring and reporting procedures. Participants receive a WeCare trainers manual, USB stick, information pack and T4T certificate.

WeCare is currently developing E-learning capabilities for both courses and hope to launch later in 2020.

Our WeCare programme is kindly sponsored by the UK P&I Club and is available free of charge to its members during 2019 and 2020 as part of its 150th Anniversary. In 2019 alone WeCare and the Social Communication course reached over 6,000 seafarers and their families, receiving an overall 95% approval rating. WeCare is also available to non-UK P&I Club members for a modest charge.

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