WeCare Programme

WeCare is an exciting initiative designed to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for seafarers across the world.

Positive mental health and wellbeing is essential to every seafarer and their fellow crew as it creates confidence, motivation, team work and safety onboard.

However, there are times when situations onboard and onshore can prove physically and emotionally demanding. This can lead to seafarers sometimes feeling overwhelmed and susceptible to feelings of anxiety and depression. In severe instances, this has led to suicide.

The WeCare Programme Explained

The Mission aims to address these issues through the with our WeCare programme which was created with the help of the UK P&I Club. With this continued support, and new sponsorship from the TK Foundation and Prime Tanker & Gas Management, WeCare launched an e-learning programme. In 2022 over 50,000 seafarers have access to mental health advice and wellbeing resources on board and on shore.

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You can learn more about the WeCare programme and our wellbeing courses by downloading the WeCare Brochure or exploring our delivery options.

Our Wellbeing Courses

Our WeCare programme currently delivers two wellbeing training courses for seafarers which are explained below:

Financial Wellbeing

This course empowers seafarers and their families to manage their mental health through applying financial coping strategies such as budgeting, saving and risk assessments

Social Wellbeing

This course enables seafarers and their families to understand how social media and long distance relationships affect their mental health. It promotes coping strategies to apply on both sides of a relationship. Wellbeing Resources – Our courses offer a range of downloadable resources to use while onboard and at home. Check out WeCare Onboard Mental Health Champions

Programme Delivery

WeCare wellbeing courses can be accessed through three different formats:


Two 60 minute courses offering participants an engaging and interactive experience with downloadable resources to use on board and at home.

Select a package option below for access:

Corporate Clients

+ 10 – 50,000 Seafarers

This channel provides courses to major ship owners through Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) or directly to their alternative training provider. To find out more, click here to contact our team.

Individual Customers

1 – 10 Seafarers

Through Mintra individual seafarers who cannot access WeCare through their employer can purchase courses privately. Click here to visit Mintra and access a free trial or purchase a course.

Mission to Seafarers & Charitable Organisations

Chaplains & Volunteers

MtS teams and our welfare partners, who work directly with seafarers and their families, can access WeCare courses through Maritime Trainer and MtSLearning.org. If you are a Chaplain and would like access, click here to contact our team.

Online Seminar:

Delivered by one of our WeCare trainers the Social Wellbeing online seminar is two hours and covers the e-learning curriculum. It uses an interactive App, Slido, to enable participants to take part in polls, quizzes, and opinion pieces. Up to 30 participants can take part and we encourage Fleet Officers to attend as it can be a great way to support crew who have completed the e-learning courses. Available in English (including India) and Tagalog. Participants receive a certificate upon completion.


Delivered in person by two trainers, Financial Welling is a one day course that includes a detailed workbook and take away resources. Participants receive a WeCare workbook and certificate upon completion. Available in English and Tagalog.

If you would like to receive further information on our Seminar or Workshop courses please contact us.

WeCare Contact Numbers

If you are a seafarer or a family member/friend/loved one of a person working at sea, then you can get more information and help by contacting your local Seafarer Centre.

The contact numbers for our Seafarers Centre’s can be found on our Sea Ports page.

Information on Chat to a Chaplain, The Happiness Index and our Team in the Philippines can be found at WeCare Reach Out

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