Seafarers call for human resource management in the latest Seafarers’ Happiness Index

10th September 2018

Seafarers from across the world have responded to the latest Seafarers Happiness Index. In answering questions about their lives at sea, they have called for ship owners, operators and managers to have designated human resource management in place to address concerns and to reflect the growing appreciation and importance of seafarer mental health and wellbeing on board and at sea.

This comes as the second quarterly report of 2018 sees seafarers experience an increase in happiness in relation to physical health opportunities and welfare facilities on board. These figures represent a growing trend of the importance placed on the welfare of seafarers at sea, with seafarers requesting that ship owners and managers invest in a dedicated seafarer liaison officer, who would be responsible for ensuring seafarers’ welfare whilst at sea and at port.

Speaking about the report and what it means for the industry, its Founder, Steven Jones, said: “It is enormously encouraging that seafarers are getting involved and telling us about their experience of life on board. Awareness and talk around seafarer mental health and wellbeing is having a profound impact on how seafarers are coping. In this report, seafarers have indicated they wish to have a designated point of contact who deals solely with seafarer welfare and wellbeing.

“This serves as a reminder of why The Seafarers’ Happiness Index is vitally important, because it acts as a dialogue between the front line of the industry and the issues concerning seafarers which they may not otherwise have a chance to talk about.”

Other notable findings in the report include:

  • Decreases crease in the level of happiness about wages/salary and regarding contact with family whilst at sea
  • Rises in the level of happiness about shore leave and regarding training

To view and download the latest report, please click here

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