Seafarers’ Awards celebrate seafarers, shore staff and innovation

21st June 2021
The annual Seafarers’ Awards, hosted in Singapore, celebrates the individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to improving the welfare of seafarers. Entries are now open for the 2021 awards and we want to hear from you! 

In one of the most challenging years for the shipping industry in living memory, seafarers have kept global trade moving, but at a real cost. They have endured limited or no shore leave, extended contracts, and restricted contact with loved ones.  

The COVID-19 virus continues to significantly impact the maritime industry, and welfare and support for seafarers and their families has been essential, both at sea and on shore. Many organisations and individuals have contributed to making a real difference. Now is the time to recognise this. 

The Seafarers’ Awards for 2021 are open for submissions, and is a chance to celebrate the contribution to welfare made by the shipping industry worldwide in 2021. Previous winners include:  

The Shore-based Award celebrates the shore-based person who has made a significant contribution to seafarers’ welfare. Since the crew change crisis, last year’s recipient of this award, Bjørn Højgaard, Anglo-Eastern Univan Group actively addressed the issue of crew changes and sought key worker status for seafarers. He also lobbied government and industry bodies while pushing the message to the media, both in his capacity as HKSOA Chairman and CEO of one of the world’s largest ship managers. When many others were apprehensive about arranging crew relief due to the uncertainty of air and ground transportation, Bjorn persevered. 

The Innovation Award is presented to the company which has embraced a new programme, project or training which has enhanced seafarers’ welfare. In 2020, Thome Group was recognised for launching an employee benefit program called TSM Privilege Card which aims to aid offshore and onshore staff with their quality of life. Thome also invested heavily in wellness initiatives across the fleet to ensure mental and physical health and wellbeing of its crew and their families including many initiatives. 

The Secretary General Award goes to the person or company who has shown sustained efforts to improve seafarers’ welfare at sea or ashore. As the impact of the pandemic reverberated through the shipping industry, Frank Coles – then CEO at Wallem Group - capitalised on his platform to advocate on behalf of seafarers. He vigorously lobbied for industry regulators, trade bodies and national governments to deliver action rather than words as crew travel restrictions escalated into a human rights issue. He also participated in the intense liaisons with authorities that were required to organise repatriations at a time when rules on border crossings were changing regularly. 

Who do you think should follow in the footsteps of previous recipients?  

There are so many across the entire industry working hard to facilitate crew changes, support seafarers onboard and raising money to support seafarer welfare. We look forward to receiving the nominations for these prestigious awards.  

For more information on entering the awards, or the award entry process, please visit:  


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