Taking control of recruitment

New platform aims to modernise maritime employment

By Fraser Matthew

The recruitment process for maritime professionals is traditional, slow and laborious for both the seafarer and recruiter. As the industry faces a shortfall of 26,240 skilled mariners, according to the Seafarer Workforce Report 2021, there is a desperate need for a modern, stream-lined process.

Going further, it is evident that seafarers are missing a professional platform that understands the industry and their needs. PROPEL has been built for seafarers by seafarers, placing them at the helm of their own recruitment and aims to bring the maritime community together.

Historically, the maritime industry has been slow to embrace change and technology. It took the ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention to end the practise of signing-on with a ships master and having a legal employment contract. PROPEL’s team aim to go further – it is time to address the GDPR risk of CVs and make finding the next contract safer, easier and quicker for all involved.

Using AI technology, a standardised recruitment process and digitisation of seafarers’ certification and training records, PROPEL is providing the tools for seafarers to take charge of their careers. After building a digital CV users can apply for roles in one click while staying fit to sail is encouraged by reminders sent to your phone. PROPEL also allows you to securely share your digital certificates and documents.

In addition to modernising maritime recruitment, PROPEL’s mission is to provide the international community of seafarers with a digital home.

Through Main Deck, seafarers can keep track of the latest shipping news, engage with other seafarers and learn about the work of the many maritime organisations and charities, including The Mission to Seafarers.

Fraser Matthew is a serving master mariner and a co-founder of PROPEL. Seafarers can join PROPEL for free at https://www.propelme.io./