Making powerful blue connections

seaV promises an all-encompassing social community for seafarers

By Will Eillson

seaV is more than a community and social network; it’s the only fully automated digital logbook for seafarers.

The free app uses live and historical AIS data records to create a complete digital log of a seafarer’s professional experience. Sea-time is an important metric which is usually calculated manually. seaV automatically calculates all sea-time which has raised some interesting applications.

seaV has a simple interface. Seafarers only need to input basic voyage details from their discharge book and seaV will automatically add much more detail using historical ship tracking data records.

This means the app can automatical- ly log sea time according to rank, ship type and regions traded.

Having established a solid user base and taken on their feedback, seaV will shortly be introducing My seaV, which allows seafarers to view and export a highly detailed experience record to help with future job applications. Ship profiles are also being introduced to add more detail to a record, and to make it easier to connect with crew mates.

Mentoring plays a significant role in training. seaV is the ideal tool for mentors and training instructors to follow the progress and stay in touch with their mentees.

seaV invites seafarers to share their knowledge and expertise with their peers and those who follow them to help build a stronger and more supported global maritime community. Shore-based colleagues and the wider community can use seaV to connect with friends and family working at sea and the ships they sail on. Above all, seaV is the barometer of international seafaring – through the platform users can document in words and pictures what is happening, where they have been, how far they have sailed and, importantly, how the pandemic has affected them.

Will Ellison is a naval architect and co-founder of seaV. Seafarers can join seaV for free at