Bridging the gap through mentorship and networking

SeaBuddy platform aims to bring maritime professionals together

By Richard Holdsworth

Guidance and connections can be invaluable in an industry as dynamic as the maritime sector. This is why SeaBuddy, a dedicated platform designed to bring together maritime professionals for mentorship and networking, was launched.

Originating from the Maritime Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lab in 2022, SeaBuddy answers the industry’s desire to nurture connections and for informal mentoring. Its establishment is not just a strategic move; it’s a promise. A promise backed by industry stalwarts like Hafnia, Wilhelmsen, Thome Group, Rio Tinto, RightShip, and Anglo American, which aims to fill this void and address the need for connectivity and informal learning within the maritime community.

The value and potential of SeaBuddy becomes evident when we delve into recent research findings. A comprehensive survey of 250 seafarers bore testimony to the collective sentiment. A total of 80% echoed the need for a platform that facilitates both professional and personal growth. This feedback highlighted the need and desire for a space dedicated to knowledge- sharing, advice and support.

The importance of SeaBuddy is important both for those embarking on their maritime journey, as well as seasoned professionals seeking a shift – be it role transitions or transitioning from sea-based activities to onshore roles. Such phases, which often come with much uncertainty for the seafarer, can be transformed by connecting with those who have sailed the same path. With experienced peers offering bespoke insights, the journey becomes less daunting and more informed.

Making connections

SeaBuddy paves the way for enlarging both personal and professional circles, allowing members to form lasting relationships. We view it as a treasure trove for those keen on honing their skills, providing myriad opportunities for knowledge acquisition and exchange. When transitioning in one’s career – especially moving from ship to shore – the shift is eased through expert advice and guidance. For those stepping into new roles or navigating industry challenges, SeaBuddy stands as a sturdy pillar of support.

SeaBuddy membership is categorised into two distinct yet interconnected roles. SeaMentors are the torchbearers, ready to illuminate the path for upcoming maritime enthusiasts with their experiences and guidance. SeaBuddies are those eager to soak up knowledge and seek wisdom to steer their maritime journey effectively.

SeaBuddy is currently in its extended pilot phase, throwing its digital doors open to maritime professionals spanning various experience levels. The insights and feedback garnered from this phase will be instrumental in shaping SeaBuddy’s future, ensuring it remains agile, user-centric, and effective.

Regardless of where you stand in your maritime journey, whether it is on the seasoned shores of experience or the budding tides of a new career, SeaBuddy promises a space that celebrates sharing, learning and growth.

Your engagement with the platform, whether as a mentor or a mentee, is not just a service to the community but a personal journey of growth. It’s an opportunity to be part of a legacy, to contribute actively to the maritime industry’s future, ensuring that it remains resilient, informed and ever- evolving.

Richard Holdsworth is senior advisor to Studio 30 50, a digital venture studio empowering startups to reshape the future of maritime. To learn more about SeaBuddy or to join the network, visit