The Yokohama Maritime Forum 2019 (YMF2019) 21st – 25th October

10th September 2019

If you’re in Japan this coming October and are interested in the sustainability, diversity and harmonisation of Port and Maritime Industries, you will not want to miss this conference.

To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Port of Yokohama, YMF 2019 will be held 21-25 October and aims to provide a platform that will “initiate discussions and inspire ideas” around subjects with are crucial components of the industry’s global future.

With a focus on challenging the maritime industry to identify and discuss solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century, YMF has invited highly respected representatives from the maritime industry and will facilitate discussions that encompass the various aspects of the industry.

“We are driven by enthusiasm and vision to provide an opportunity for the maritime industry to realise positive and actionable results.”

There will be a combination of exciting events, programs and networking opportunities throughout the week for attendees to get involved in.

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