The Mission to Seafarers Launches Corporate Portfolio

10th June 2016

At its seminar during Posidonia, The Mission to Seafarers today launched its much anticipated Corporate Partnership Portfolio which outlines it’s suggestions for how the maritime industry can deliver on corporate social responsibility and describes how The Mission, and more widely the shipping community, can support  practical seafarers’ welfare projects.

The 32-page document details key areas that are vital for the operations The Mission carries out: corporate social responsibility; its network of branches; corporate partnership, support it receives and employee engagement. As well as these, the Corporate Partnership Portfolio offers a comprehensive guide to the work The Mission has achieved, and also showcases specific sponsorship and corporate partnership opportunities.

Talking about the importance of the Corporate Partnership Portfolio Andrew Wright, Secretary General to The Mission, said: “This document signals an important move to showcase the work we achieve, while at the same time raising awareness of the issues that depend on the shipping industry’s support and generosity.

“Raising funds is extremely challenging and we are deeply grateful to the support we receive in our work.  Seafarers need our help. Life at sea is often dangerous and demanding. Our service to them meets a very real need and it changes thousands of lives for the better.”

Speaking of the importance of The Mission’s work and its role in being the official charity for Posidonia this year, Theodore Vokos, Director at Posidonia Events, said: “We are very happy to welcome The Mission to Seafarers as an official supported charity at Posidonia 2016 and to promote their very important work. Seafarers are the backbone of this important industry and organisations like The Mission to Seafarers, who support them, play an essential role in assuring that shipping will continue to serve the global economy. By supporting The Mission we aim to increase awareness amongst members of the international maritime community about the issues facing seafarers. Posidonia participants are invited to reach out to The Mission to Seafarers and learn more about its projects and needs.”

The Corporate Portfolio was launched during The Mission’s seminar during Posidonia, as the nominated charity for the week-long exhibition.

For more information please contact Laura Hayes or Elaborate Communications,  Alexander Preston on 01296-682-104.

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