Sea Sunday: update from South India

15th August 2019
Revd. Isaac Franklin, Mission to Seafarers chaplain at Tuticorin port on the South Eastern Indian coastline, celebrated Sea Sunday with three other congregations this year.

Tuticorin is one of the 12 major ports of India, handling tens of millions of tonnes of cargo every year. The port is a significant provider of employment in the region.

The Sea Sunday celebration was an important day in the calendar, and a chance for the community of seafaring families and individuals to meet.

Reverend Isaacs sent back this report:

“We celebrated the Sea Sunday service at our Caldwell Memorial Church in Caldwell Colony Pastorate on 14th July. At the service, members of the congregation were informed about the importance of the seafaring business, the total dependency of the World’s economy on the sea trade, the sacrifices the seafarers make and the hardships they endure on board the ships. We then prayed for seafarers and their families, and asked individuals to remember seafarers in their daily prayers.

This was a special occasion of great importance to the many people present whose families make up the seafarers who we all rely on to transport the world’s trade, and we were glad to celebrate it with so many people from our community.”

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