Global Day of Action – 21 November 2019

15th October 2019
The Mission worked with HFW to develop a new and innovative Global Day of Action (GDA) on 21 November 2019.

We provided the HFW shipping departments in offices all over the world with an array of inclusive and practical fundraising ideas and support to help raise vital funds that have ensured that our chaplains and seafarers’ centres across the globe could continue their vital work.

The maritime industry is truly global, and it’s exciting to think that on that November day individuals in every corner of the globe focussed their attention and effort on supporting the seafarers who are at the very heart of that industry. “Our fundraisers in Dubai and Singapore worked closely with the HFW offices in these locations providing enhanced support for the Global Day of Action,” said Jan Webber, our Director of Development.

We have just extended our three-year corporate partnership with HFW to April 2022 The Global Day of Action was just one of the many ways the law firm, who specialises in international commerce, has supported the Mission. In addition to very generous financial donations, HFW has also provided the Mission with global probono legal advice and legal counsel, carried out a thorough review of our insurance policies and helped us to make appropriate changes to benefit the whole organisation.

“The Mission to Seafarers was the clear choice to become HFW’s first-ever global charity partner, given the connection, HFW felt with the direct welfare and emergency support it delivers to seafarers,” says Craig Neame, Partner at HFW. “We are keen to help the Mission continue its vital outreach work, and to support any relevant legal governance requirements that arise during our continuing partnership.”

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