Get creative with your corporate support

3rd July 2020
As traditional avenues for support come under pressure, read how organisations keen to support our work turn to new approaches for raising funds.

Surenav (part of the Capital Marine group) has agreed to pay the Mission 5% from the profit made on every remote navigation audit they carry out. Wilhelmsen Singapore raised almost £7,000 with a Crowdfunder page and a Wilhelmsen sales team in Glasgow has raised over £1000 with a virtual cycle challenge. Heron Advisory added a donate button to the sign-up process for an on-line seminar, and Marsh will be asking for donations in lieu of a fee for their online training courses.

Now is the time to look at your day to day operations, and future plans, to see how you could be including the Mission to help support our work. Seafarer need is currently great and challenging times do call for innovative solutions. 

Supporting the Mission helps you differentiate your organisation and raise your profile in what remains a crowded and competitive sector. Creativity in your approach also helps you generate more interest in your organisation and originality in approach can create PR and press opportunities.

For more details please contact Maurizio Borgatti 

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