Caring for seafarers around the world

7th September 2020
To be a family, we need to care for each other and this is what our Mission family around the world does.

It is wonderful knowing we have family in various ports working together to make a big difference in the lives of seafarers. The below stories highlight just a few of the many seafarers and their families we have supported and whom we need to keep in our prayers, especially at this difficult time.

Message received by our Hospital Visitor Revd. Paul Noel – 2 years after he visited this seafarer.


Good day, my wonderful Seaman’s Mission Family. I feel very touched by your message and it has given me a feeling of warmth for your words has certainly touched my heart. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support throughout my stay in hospital whilst I was in Durban. May the Creator bless you and your organization abundantly and may you continue with the good work. I have recovered well by the Grace of God after the ear surgery and I can only thank God for Miracle. Your visits in the hospital were indeed very helpful and very uplifting. I still think of your generosity especially when I use the toiletry bag which I received from you. I am currently on the Lilian Ngoyi under lockdown in Cape Town and next week I might be signing off for leave God willing. Tomorrow we are embarking on the start of the Noble month of Ramadhan and I Pray that God May accept all your acts of Charity and Kindness which has brightened the hearts of so many seafarers from all around the world Amen. It has certainly been a pleasure to hear from you.


Good morning.  Thank you for your message.  We are now in India Mundra, while we are in Arabian drifting about 2 weeks or more. We are off-hire at that time. Due to Coronavirus, it takes almost 2 months we changing places to drifting, We thank god that we are ok,  We can communicate with our loved ones and family by the internet on our ship, it’s expensive but it’s ok because we are comfortable that we know what’s happening with to our family, and also some news around the world.


I am a family man with three kids and was working when I decided to study Basic Seaman Course in night schedule, yes, a working student.  Started as a Messman then got promoted as chief cook after 20 years.  A heartbreaking experience was when I had to join my contracted vessel while my youngest daughter was in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit because of dengue.  To leave my family at the time they needed me most was hard. Thanks to our Lord Jesus she was able to recover.  A memorable experience was when I was able to attend our children’s graduations.  I feel very blessed.  Very thankful for the opportunity that you guys had given me. Once again from the bottom of my heart including my beloved family. I convey our deepest gratitude for your caring, prayers and love.  Always praying that all of you guys are doing fine despite this pandemic and may our every compassionate and loving Lord Jesus guide and protect us all.  God bless you, MTS Durban.

Two chaplains reflect…                                                                  

The Chat to a Chaplain feature has been a big blessing for the seafarers in this time of crisis when they cannot meet anyone physically. I have had a very positive experience on the chat.  It has also helped us, Chaplains, to stay connected with the seafarers and know first-hand what they are going through. It is wonderful knowing our MtS family is all over the world and, together, we can make a big difference in the lives of seafarers. – Revd. Nitin Dethe, MtS Chaplain, Mumbai

As a family man, I know the feeling of being away from my own family even for a short time. Here in Durban, there is only gangway ministry taking place at present but we are working on various ways to improve our Centre and where we can improve what we have to offer seafarers when they are once again permitted to leave their ships and visit our Centre. Until then, our team are here to assist where we can and keep these seafarers and their families in our daily prayers.  – Revd. Thami Tembe, MtS Chaplain, Durban, SA


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