Book: Around These Islands in 12 Ports

7th September 2020
Around These Islands in 12 Ports – Exploring maritime Britain and Ireland by Sail by Jonathan Winter (in association with think tank These Islands) was published in September 2020, in support of The Mission to Seafarers.

“It was dark. We were tired at the end of a long day fighting the tide up the Thames and had just climbed into bed. Suddenly there was an eerie unnatural grinding noise on the hull, which grew louder and louder. We recognised the underwater noise of a propeller, but this time the volume was at a different magnitude. I jumped up and looked outside as a huge vessel passed close by on its way down the Thames. I would need to contain my curiosity in future to get any sleep.”

Those words describe a yachtsman’s first close encounter with shipping by night, while moored near Tilbury Docks on their way into London. It is taken from a book out this month: Around These Islands in 12 Ports.

The book follows Anne and Jonathan Winter aboard yacht Nova as they explore twelve landmark ports on the coast of Britain and Ireland. Covering more than 2,500 nautical miles and staying in 69 places over 155 days, they set out to dig deeper into the history and identity of these islands. In the book, you’ll find sailing stories and beautiful coastal images together with an article from each port, written by local historians and authors. Together these paint a hopeful picture of ingenious, resilient people and places that have faced challenges before, and are setting out to reinvent themselves once more.

You can pre-order your copy on £25 (hardback), and the ebook is available now with thanks for your generous donation to The Mission to Seafarers.

ISBN: 978-1-909075-96-2 (hardback)

“A sailor’s perspective on our sceptred isles told in aid of the excellent Mission to Seafarers, and worthy of a place beside your bunk.”  –  Tom Cunliffe, author and broadcaster
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