Archbishops visit MS Fiona in Hong Kong Harbour

17th July 2019

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Archbishop of Central America, Julio Murray, recently accompanied Mission to Seafarers chaplains to a ship visit on the AS Fiona in Hong Kong Harbour.

During the visit, Archbishop Justin Welby shared his thoughts on the austere nature of life at sea and the challenges facing modern seafarers, such as increased automation aboard vessels.

Archbishop Julio Murray reflected on the history of the church’s involvement in the Panama Canal, and stressed the need to increase awareness about the pastoral needs of seafarers using central American ports.

The pair took time out from the Anglican Consultative Meeting to make the visit, which was reported by Gavin Drake for the Anglican Communion News Service.


Justin Welby said:

“I see the need for advocates for seafarers and for pastoral care for seafarers…since they don’t have a system and it’s essential work.”

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