Mrs Eileen Wright

In Memory

Mrs Eileen Wright

08/10/1933 - 08/03/2021


Eileen, widow to Capt David Michael Wright (who passed away 14th June 2008) was mother to Gillie and Michael and ‘Gran’ to Alex and Pippa.

Eileen always supported The Mission to Seafarers from being married to David. With him becoming a Master Mariner, everywhere they travelled, if there was a Mission in a Port nearby, they would always visit, to speak to mariners present or to just sit with them or offer assistance in other ways, like fixing something should that be required. Much time was given to the Missions despite working, Eileen as a school-teacher and David with his own sea/port related business in the 31 years they were in Hong Kong.

Eileen loved life before her dementia journey began 15 years ago or so from the beginning of the first symptoms. Being born in Hartlepool, living in Hong Kong and then having a flat overlooking the Thames, clearly water was an important element in her life. Getting on and off boats and ships of varying sizes was not a problem for her, despite the aches and pains her body was in with arthritis.

Geography was a love of Eileen’s and that ties in with her love of travelling round the world. She always had an interest in people, who they were and what they did, and had an inquisitive mind, always needing to learn something every day.

We shall always remember you and your scarves, no matter what the weather – when it was hot they kept you cool, when it was cool the silk or cotton kept you warm. You were always known as ‘the scarf lady’ …

Mummy, Mum, Gran, we miss you and will love you always.

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