Brian George Ridalls

In Memory

Brian George Ridalls

02/04/1926 - 11/10/2020


Brian grew up in Dartmouth, Devon and his entire life revolved around boats, the river and the sea.

The son of a Trinity House Pilot, from an early age he would assist his father bringing ships safely into port from the pilot boat.

He served his apprenticeship as a ships joiner in the local shipyard and then worked with his father eventually setting up a family pleasure boat business as shipping declined.

On retirement he continued to enjoy sailing as a hobby along with music, becoming choirmaster of the local church choir, bell ringing, sport and he contributed to many community organisations.

He and his wife Christine were life long supporters of the Missions to Seafarers.

Brian was a great character, energetic, had a great sense of fun, dedicated to the things that mattered to him and always encouraged young people.

He will be missed by many.

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