Death & Injury

What to do if you are injured

Seafaring remains a highly hazardous occupation and the Mission helps thousands of seafarers who have been injured at sea every year. We also sadly deal with fatalities at sea. You should remember at all times that safety is paramount, and never take any short cuts with your work, no matter how much pressure you are under.

Every task at sea should be risk assessed properly before any work is undertaken. Training is vital to ensure that you understand the risks of your work and you take every precaution when working in hazardous environments.

Never undertake any work that you are not qualified or trained to do. Do not undertake work when you are exhausted or suffering from any illness or mental health problem. Never use alcohol or drugs at work. If you see others putting themselves or the crew at risk, report it immediately to your senior officer.

If you have any concerns about your safety, you can contact a Mission port chaplain in confidence any time.

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