The importance of training in soft skills for seafarer wellbeing

Everyone appreciates the opportunity to manage their time freely, be more agile and learn with individual pace. In case of seafarers, this is especially important as the pandemic has severely disrupted working patterns . While working they often do not have the ability to remain in the same location for a long period of time.

Seafarer mental health issues and financial worries have become exacerbated in these uncertain and challenging times. A duty of care to the overall wellbeing of seafarers has never been more important than it is now.

In response to new pandemic realities, MtS, with funding from the UKP&I Club, has developed two training programmes under the sub-brand of WeCare.

They cover Social Communications and Financial wellbeing. The aim is to improve safety at sea by ensuring the communications between family and seafarer are responsible and sensitive, to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. Lacking the tools to honestly communicate our thoughts, experiences and feelings are proven to have adverse effects on mental health. The worst case scenario of this leading to unnecessary deaths by suicide which we know some seafarers have been victim to in the past. We want to ensure that WeCare becomes part of the solution.

Financial stressors are often some of the most difficult aspects of the life of a seafarer. This programme provides seafarers with financial literacy, helps them recognise problematic money habits and provides methods of speaking transparently about money with those who depend on their income.

The programmes include a Quiet Space – which provides meditation, breathing and soothing music to reduce anxiety and stress. It also signposts seafarers to charities which can offer them help.

On-line courses offer crews an opportunity to study at a convenient time with individual pace alongside daily responsibilities.

Organisations can encourage those operating in their supply chain to engage with these courses to boost seafarer mental wellbeing.

High quality training is vital to preserve the overall wellness, practical skills and competence of all seafarers. This in turn contributes towards keeping vessels safe, protecting the environment and keeping trade flowing.

Both programmes are available on the Oceans Technology Group platform at a cost of US$5,000, regardless of the size of your fleet. We would be pleased to share these programmes with you.

If you’re interested in accessing these programmes for your organisation, please contact Tom:
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