The Gulf & South Asia Case Study

Seafarer aided by Mission Receives Award

As an able-bodied seaman Zaude was working on an anti-piracy vessel based in the Middle East when the owner of the vessel abandoned it and left him stranded. He and a fellow crew member were left unpaid, in the boiling Dubai heat, and often without supplies, for over 2 and half years.

“Zaude exemplifies everything that is courageous about seafarers around the world. He is patient, he is calm, and above all, he believed that with careful negotiations, he would be able to secure the pay he was in desperate need of, and get home safely. The Mission visited Zaude regularly and made essential supplies and subsistence finance available to him when he needed it most. I am delighted and honoured to have met Zaude.” – The Revd Dr Paul Burt, former Regional Director for The Mission to Seafarers, The Gulf and India, said:

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