East Asia case study

The Mission to Seafarers Manila aids seafarer and his family after tanker attack

Second Mate Edwin Acasio and the crew of the MT Leon Diaz were crossing the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria Africa when they were boarded and held hostage. In the attack Edwin was shot and seriously injured. After reaching hospital in the Port of Cotonou, Benin, he was treated in intensive care for stomach and hand injuries.

Back in Manila, the Philippines, Edwin’s wife and two young daughters turned to their local church for help. The Revd Fr David Hinay, of the Philippine Independent Church (IFI), then contacted the Mission immediately. The IFI is working in partnership with The Mission to Seafarers to provide help and advice to crews and their families.

“I met with the family of Edwin Acasio in February this year, and they told me that he had been shot and wounded after an attack by pirates. The crew had been robbed and he was seriously injured. The family was extremely distressed and anxious for him. We have provided ongoing help and support, and Edwin is now making a full recovery.” – Revd David

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