Summer Appeal: How is The Mission to Seafarers impacting lives?

Imagine that you are the captain of a ship in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Your vessel is in distress and time is running out. Could someone 3,000km away help?

When Capt Fernando’s ship, Abd Allah, broke free from its anchor in the UAE and collided with another vessel, he left a desperate message for his wife in India. Mrs Fernando got in touch with the only people she could think of – The Mission to Seafarers in Tuticorin, South India.

Within minutes, the Revd Isaac Franklin, chaplain in Tuticorin, was on the phone to our team in the UAE. They sprang into action, mobilising boats to tow the Abd Allah safely back into port. Just nine hours after her initial call, Mrs Fernando received the good news that her husband and his crew were safe and well.

It was thanks to your support that we were able to respond so quickly.

Some people might think it was a stroke of luck that Revd Franklin was on call that night. We know it was all down to donors like you. Your generosity means that our teams are on call in 200 ports across the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

With your help, we provide a lifeline of support to seafarers and their families. One day we may be assisting crews who have been impacted by piracy or abandonment and the next we’ll be handing out phone cards and chatting with seafarers over a cup of tea to offer a listening ear, moral support and to try and improve their well-being.

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