The Mission to Seafarers receives a substantial part of its voluntary income from charitable trusts and foundations which sympathise with our concern for the practical, spiritual, emotional welfare of the world’s 1.5m seafarers.

In recent years charitable trusts have helped us to:

  • Upgrade IT and other seafarers’ centre services
  • Replace cars and minibuses
  • Establish new centres where they are needed
  • Recruit and train volunteers and
  • Meet local running costs

Funders wish to know how their money was spent and we are committed to providing them with regular updates and reports about specific projects and the impact of our work in general.

We focus our resources on the areas that they are most effective and adapt and streamline our welfare services to best meet those needs.

We are most grateful to our trust funders.  If you are a Trustee or have links to a Charitable Trust and would like to know more please contact [email protected] for detailed information about our work and current projects that need funding.

With special thanks to our major trust funders: