WeCare On Board Champions

WeCare On Board Mental Health Champions offers Seafarers accessible and relatable wellness resources. Through providing a series of free webinars and podcasts we hope to address mental health at sea from a practical perspective. Through listening to the needs of seafarers we have created resources filled with short, clear, and fun content, bespoke to life on board. It will relate seafarers’ experiences of mental health and wellness, from an Officers and crew perspective.

Crew Well-being

The Crew series looks at well-being from a crew perspective. We encourage crew to ask important questions such as ‘how do I define well-being?’ and ‘how can I maintain well-being at sea?’ Through these we promote practical methods to promote well-being from a personal and team perspective.

Our Podcast series invites experienced seafarers and experts to focus on these key themes. They explore how we can all promote well-being and provide support to ourselves and others.

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