The Mission to Seafarers spearheads Singapore roundtable to turn crew welfare data insights into practical action for change

13th April 2023
Key data from the Seafarers Happiness Index, with supporting insights from Standard Club, part of NorthStandard and ship inspection technology business, Idwal, will form the starting point of the event, which will seek to plan a practical route to create positive change.

The Mission to Seafarers is delighted to host an Executive Roundtable on Crew Welfare in Singapore on Tuesday 25th April 2023, as part of Singapore Maritime Week. Sponsored by Idwal and Standard Club, part of NorthStandard, and with support from Inmarsat, the event will be attended by an invited panel of leading ship owners, managers, and charterers who will seek to convert words and data into actions to improve the wellbeing of seafarers, generating lessons that can be applied across the global fleet.

The Mission to Seafarers’ Director of Development, Jan Webber, said: “We want to translate the information that already exists in the industry, from the Seafarers Happiness Index and other initiatives, into real action that will improve crew conditions for seafarers, for the companies and, ultimately, for the industry. We believe that bettering seafarer welfare undoubtedly brings considerable benefits to maritime businesses and we seek to work with those in the industry who are willing to share ideas, collaborate and innovate to drive more change.”

The Singapore-based roundtable will be moderated by Seafarer Happiness Index Founder, Steven Jones, who says: “We hear seafarers telling us how they feel at sea and there are growing data sets around crew happiness, vessel conditions, and the impact of welfare on asset values. This will be a chance to hear the latest Q1 2023 Seafarers Happiness Index results, plus the results of the most recent initiatives, and to explore a mechanism to ensure that we can make a collective difference.

“We want this to be a productive workshop to enable an exchange of information and thoughts, with real outcomes. By strategically considering the datasets, evaluating current practices against future possibilities, the goal is to identify the right actions and approaches that can propel the industry towards a solutions-centred approach.”

The Mission to Seafarers hopes to extend this event to the development of a working group or series of events that will establish a structure and pathway for change, with the next meeting earmarked for London International Shipping Week in September 2023.

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