Maritime Trainer partners with The Mission to Seafarers to expand online training for seafarers across 200 ports and seven regions

14th December 2021

Maritime Trainer has partnered with The Mission to Seafarers, leading international seafarer welfare charity, to provide WeCare courses to Mission Chaplains and volunteers around the globe.  

The Mission’s WeCare programme aims to ensure that seafarers and their families are able to prosper. It offers practical methods to support their wellbeing and promote coping strategies to empower action. With the WeCare online courses, seafarers can access mental health advice and wellbeing resources on board and on shore.  

However, to ensure as many seafarers as possible have access to the course, The Mission to Seafarers is expanding training for its Chaplains and volunteers, who work with seafarers on a daily basis, in the WeCare programme. 

Maritime Trainer will provide The Mission to Seafarers with an online training solution for its global network of Chaplains. The new platform offers The Mission to Seafarers a unique capability to provide the WeCare e-learning programme to port teams across the globe. Whether for a Port Chaplain providing ship visits, operating in over 200 ports across the globe, or a volunteer managing a seafarers’ centre, they will now have access to the WeCare courses through the Learning Management System. 

The first available online course is Financial Wellbeing, which helps seafarers take control of their finances. The course outlines coping methods and sets out budgeting, savings, and investment techniques.  

The second course, Social Wellbeing, covers the links between mental health, relationships, and communication on social media. This includes creating a healthy lifestyle, balancing physical life onboard with virtual life back home by providing communication plans and coping methods.  

Capt Ozgur Alemdag the CEO of Maritime Trainer commented: “Maritime Trainer is a global digital learning technology and interactive content development company dedicated to meeting industry requirements for the selection and development of crew, to achieve environmental, safety, and operational excellence. Recently, especially after the pandemic, we are also very much interested to help seafarers sustain and improve their mental health and well-being. Partnering with The Mission enables us to give something back and have an impact on seafarer well-being across the world. WeCare will also be available to our customers, providing over 50 shipping companies and 30,000 seafarers with access to the programme.  

“Many of the Maritime Trainer team are former seafarers in leadership roles and understand the challenges life at sea can present. We believe this partnership with The Mission to Seafarers and the WeCare e-learning programme is a significant step for welfare in maritime. We look forward to making a real difference to the lives of seafarers across the world.” 

The new platform, will launch in January 2022, enrolling the first 100 Chaplains and volunteers.  

To find out more, contact a member of the team here.

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