Knect365 Maritime puts seafarers at the heart of shipping’s future with the Mission to Seafarers

6th March 2018

Maritime event organiser KNect365 Maritime has put seafarer’s welfare at the heart of the future of shipping by choosing The Mission to Seafarers as its official charity for two of its upcoming major industry events.

We are delighted that KNect365 Maritime has opted to make The Mission to Seafarers the official charity for GST & Shipping 2030 Europe on the 20-23 March 2019 in Copenhagen, as well as CrewConnect Europe featuring the CruiseConnect Summit on the 23-24 May 2019 in Hamburg.

Our partnership will not only support the Mission in our essential work to improve the welfare of seafarers globally but will also place seafarers at the very front of mind during any discussions at either event focusing on decarbonisation, digitalisation and skill requirements in the industry.

Who are KNect365 Maritime?

KNect365 Maritime is known for its crewing conferences in Manila and Europe.

KNect365 Maritime specifically focuses on bringing together different sections of the maritime community at events such as CrewConnect Europe and GST & Shipping 2030 Europe. These events provide valuable networking opportunities synonymous with the industry and offers delegates the chance to hear from key and specialist event speakers about new ways to operate more efficiently in an increasingly digital world.

By selecting The Mission to Seafarers as their official charity for these events, KNect365 Maritime is ensuring that seafarers will be a central consideration at these conferences. This raises the profile of seafarers’ welfare under the all-encompassing ‘human element’ of the shipping industry.

”Supporting the Workforce that will keep the industry running…”

The Reverend Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General, The Mission to Seafarers commented: “It is so important that when the industry talks about digitalisation, connectivity, automation and sustainability – key topics at both GST & Shipping2030 and CrewConnect Europe featuring CruiseConnect Summit – it also talks about seafarers.”

“Seafarers will be the ones facing the practical challenges of implementing the change needed to move towards a future-proofed and modernised shipping industry; and who currently face the challenges posed when life on-board fails to keep pace with modern, digital lifestyles.”

“ We must remember that a sustainable industry is not just about the environment, it’s also about recruiting, retaining, motivating and supporting the workforce that will keep the industry running.”

“With this partnership, KNect365 Maritime is showing seafarers both respect in including them in these far-reaching discussions and kindness in helping us support those in need.”

What Is On The Agenda?

Both of these events will include topics which place seafarers at the very centre of the discussion.

At GST & Shipping2030 Europe, topics covered will include:

  • “What crew will be required for non-crewed autonomous vessels?”
  • “How does digital transformation affect the workforce?”
  • A panel discussion on “Crewing in the 21st Century.”

CrewConnect Europe featuring CruiseConnect Summit will focus wholly on recruitment, training and the welfare of seafarers in the digital age.

Supporting The Mission

Donations collected at both of theseKNect365 Maritime events will help the Mission to continue their ongoing practical support of thousands of seafarers around the world every day.

In 2017, the Mission visited over 300,000 seafarers aboard ships and supported 895 justice and welfare cases, including helping the crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio (and the Chennai Six) to secure their release from prison.

The Revd Canon Andrew Wright, added: “The Mission to Seafarers has seen many great improvements in the way the industry looks after seafarers. The nature of their work, however, means support will always be necessary and the Mission’s teams across the world still see significant levels of acute need.”

“The Mission offers practical assistance to seafarers, from simple actions such as a phone card or a friend to speak to, to legal advocacy to free the imprisoned or abandoned. The attendees of both events can be proud that they are helping us to offer this unconditional support to seafarers around the world.”

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