Christopher James Burgay

In Memory

Christopher James Burgay

08/12/1994 - 31/10/2018


Chris was my only beloved son. He was 23 years old when he was murdered. My heart has never been the same.

He was with me 21 years and I watched him struggle at times and excel in others.

His environment had it limitations for him but the love for him never failed. He was so talented in many areas.

Unfortunately he was influenced by the drugs in this society and was always trying to overcome its influences.

I know my son loved his family but was living with the depression that comes with drugs and the need for acceptance.

I ask God each day for His justice for my son and that He will share His words through me for others. I still wonder why I am still here.

I will always love my son. Sometimes I think of God showing me how much He loved His only son Jesus. I think my legacy was to say this to someone. That they would come to know God and His son Jesus. May someone here seek Him. That Jesus will be your friend and saviour. That your name will be written in the Book Of Life.

May these words bless you today.

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