Flag days are a wonderful way to raise money and awareness for Mission to Seafarers. Our task is to help the 1.5 million men and women who risk their lives to bring us all the things we enjoy every day. Raising money is vital because we depend entirely on voluntary donations – without money from the public our work could not continue. Raising awareness is also very important because we need to make everyone aware of how much we depend on seafarers and how their rights at work should be respected. 

If you see a Mission to Seafarers collection in your area, please support it by giving some money and chatting to our volunteers about our work. Some small change in your pocket can make a huge change to the lives of seafarers!

You could become involved in our collections and flag days by becoming a Mission to Seafarers volunteer and have an active role in our work and mission. Raising money in your community is a very practical way to show your support and concern for our brothers and sisters who work in treacherous conditions.