Andrew Wright - Secretary General

Following the University of St Andrews and Cambridge University, Andrew Wright was ordained in Liverpool Cathedral and went to serve as a curate in one of Liverpool’s most deprived estates. From there he went on to serve in parishes in Carlisle and Wigan before becoming Chaplain of St Edward’s School in Oxford. 

After 16 years he moved on to become Senior Chaplain and Director of Operations at the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen before becoming Secretary General of the Mission to Seafarers in 2013.  

Andrew is married to Julia and has four children, the youngest of whom is a bona fide seafarer. In what little spare time he has,  he enjoys mountain walking, sailing and theatre – and is also determined to expand his knowledge of history and art history. 

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Tomi Toluhi - Director of Human Resources and Administration

After qualifying as an Architect and practicing for nearly a decade, Tomi left Architecture to work within the charity sector. She joined The Mission to Seafarers in 2007 and gained a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management in 2011.

She is now the Director of Human Resources and Administration and a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Tomi is married to Martins and has two teenage daughters. She likes to spend her spare time writing, blogging and speaking on relationships.

Ben Bailey - Director of Advocacy and Regional Engagement

Ben has over 15 years of experience in the faith-based charity sector, mainly in the areas of journalism, public affairs and advocacy. In 2002 he trained to be a journalist and joined the editorial department of The Salvation Army to work on The War Cry. Since 2007 Ben has worked for The Mission to Seafarers in a variety of roles including press, public affairs and project management.

Today, Ben heads the Advocacy and Regional Engagement team at International Headquarters, working with our regions across the world to develop welfare services and developing policy. In 2017 he was appointed Chairman of the ICMA delegation to the UN’s International Maritime Organisation.


Jan Webber - Director of Development

As Director of Development for The Mission to Seafarers, I am reaching out to individuals who are looking for key philanthropic opportunities and to companies who are interested in growing their profile. We invite you to join us in contributing to an amazing organisation which is helping those upon whom we all depend.

The Mission has an incredible reach across 200 ports around the world, in 50 countries and with 120 Flying Angel Centres. But we all depend on seafarers - for over 90% of everything, so we should all have a stake in their welfare.

I head an amazing development team of enthusiastic people who are as passionate about seafarers' welfare as I am. I am part of a brilliant Senior Management team whose skills complement each other, and where each is respected. This is a great organisation to work for and to support.

Prior to joining the Mission in the Summer of 2017, I had worked for just four other charities in the past 24 years, raising large sums for seafarers, disabled children and education.

I have a wide network of contacts around the world and am grateful to them for their support and contributions to this important work. As the Mission takes a new step in its evolution we invite you to be part of this amazing community and family of like-minded people. Please join us on our new journey.


Eileen Reilly- Director of Finance

Eileen works very closely with fellow IHQ Directors and Regional Directors to ensure MtS operates efficiently and effectively across the world. She heads up a team of three at IHQ, who are also responsibly for all financial activity of the charity.