UK P&I Club

The UK P&I Club has been supporting The Mission To Seafarers for many years now. Their generous support has ranged from donations, participation in events and more recently sponsorship of our Family Support Network in the Philippines in 2017 and 2018.

We are delighted to share more news about our partnership with UK P&I

Building on this base and with health and safety of paramount importance for the Club and its members, the Club saw the benefit of developing of two new training programmes in recognition of its 150th Anniversary year.

Under the MtS new brand of WeCare, the social communications and financial literacy training programmes were launched in Athens on 13th May 2019. The first Train the Trainer session was conducted in the same week in Manila.

MtS recognises that seafarers’ anxieties can often stem from ill-advised communications from home, often in the form of messages on social platforms. We also know that seafarers can often return home to find that their partners have spent most of their salaries. Both these issues can lead to further stress, reduction in concentration whilst on board, and potential risks to safety, as their minds are churning over the problems they face at home.

We are also delighted to welcome Sophia Bullard, Director of the Crew Health Programme at Thomas Miller onto one of our panels for LISW 2019 on Crew Welfare.


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