The Mission to Seafarers in Thunder Bay ready to roll with new van

Thunder Bay Mission to Seafarers now has an easier time doing its job, now that it has some new wheels. The Mission to Seafarers offers a place where the crews of ocean vessels can relax and connect with people back home plus essential trransport services so that crews can get ashore. The team in Thunder Bay are delighted with thier new vehicle provided by the Mission. The centre manager said:

" I am now getting notes and texts from one of our volunteers every time he drives the new van, saying: 'it's beautiful, it's lovely, I love it!"

Mission volunteer Yeo once served in the Navy. As a former sailor, he said he can really appreciate what it means for ships' crews to have an global welfare charity like this to welcome seafarers after months at sea. It is essential that seafarers get ashore for some well earned rest and relaxation.