Seafarers Happiness Index

We are committed to monitoring seafarers' issues and welfare, if you are a seafarer please take the survey below to help us monitor and change your working environment: Read more

Flag states

You ship is registered with a flag state and you have some rights to protection from them in certain circumstances... Read more


You are entitled to be paid your wages on time and as agreed in your contract so please contact us if you need advice... Read more


If you have been a victim of crime on board or in port, or have been unfairly treated by the law, you need to find help quickly... Read more

Death and injury

Seafaring is the one of the world's most dangerous occupations, so all seafarers need to be aware of risk... Read more

Migrant rescue

Under maritime law, ships or boats in distress should be aided and lives in danger must be saved... Read more


Abandonment at sea has become a worldwide problem, since the financial crisis in 2008... Read more

MLC (2006)

The Maritime Labour Convention (2006) sets out seafarers' rights to decent conditions of work at sea... Read more


Your most important employment document is your contract. Seafarers’ contracts are sometimes called “articles”. Read more


The incidence of piracy and violence at sea around the world has dropped to a 21-year low in 2016... Read more