Sexual health

HIV is a global health issue and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) are a common problem worldwide. If left untreated they can be deadly or do lasting harm... Read more

Spiritual support

Whatever faith you practice, or if have no mainstream religious beliefs, the Mission can help give you spiritual support and counsel in a confidential setting... Read more


Maintaining good relationships are a key element of wellbeing at sea. You need to bond with your crewmates and handle seperation from your loved ones at home... Read more

Mental health

Good mental health is of paramount importance and there are simple steps you can take to avoid many conditions, such as stress, sadness and strain... Read more


Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet at sea helps you stay fit and healthy. Make sure you choose the healthy food options on offer... Read more


If you have worries about managing your money, or have problems with calculating wages, you should seek advice about financial literacy... Read more