Africa case study

The Indian crew of the MT Maro found themselves imprisoned in Lagos Nigeria, despite being innocent. The Mission to Seafarers in Southern Africa and the Sailors' Society brought vital medical aid, food and undertook regular prison-visiting. They were freed in July 2016. Read more

Europe and UK case study

The crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio come from the UK, India, Ukraine and Estonia. The Mission has been working to support the families and to raise the profile of the plight of all 35 crew with the Indian authorities. Read more

Oceania case study

The new Lyttelton Seafarers' Centre, which opened in July 2015, provides a range of important welfare services for seafarers, including free WiFi, computers, a lounge and a shop. There is also a currency exchange. Read more

Australia case study

Last summer six seafarers were killed in one week off the remote coast of Western Australia. The Revd Ian McGilvray talks of the tragedy in Port Dampier and his work with the bereaved and traumatised seafarers. Read more

Canada case study

Transport services such as taxi-ing crews from ship to shore, is essential to provide seafarers with cost-effective, and often free lifts from the port to the Seafarers' Centre nearby. Thunder Bay Mission have just received their new van. Read more

The Gulf & South Asia case study

Seafarer Zaude, abandoned in the port of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, relied on the Mission for over two years while a complex mediation was on-going to ensure he was paid his wages. He recently won an award by Lloyds List. Read more

America case study

Our Mission team in Seattle is a lifeline to seafarers that undertakes vital ship-visiting and provides a Centre so that crews can spend essential time ashore. They also provide transport to and from the city centre. Read more

East Asia case study

When Edwin's ship was attacked by armed hijackers last year, he was seriously injured with gunshot wounds. His family in Manila contacted their local church, who work in partnership with the Mission, for help. Read more